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Repent: Unholy Union (remastered)

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Sexual obsession has taken over the monastery, and Nicolai, Domenico and Father Xavier are indulging every drive and fantasy to the fullest. Clad in tight breeches they climb all over the ornate prelate's throne at the altar and pull down their clothes to get up to some mischief. Domenico grabs both guys' cocks and goes back and forth between sucking and beating them off. Nicolai and Xavier grab his neck and pull him onto their throbbing members while they kiss each other. Stripping naked, they position Domenico across the throne for a spitroast, but for now Nicolai rims his hole in preparation.

Xavier barks out hot filthy encouragement while he watches Nicolai burying his face into Domenico's hungry ass. Domenico grunts out a guttural moan as Nic pumps raw and rough into him with his long stiff cock. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoes through the chapel as Nic pounds his crotch against Domenico's muscular cheeks. Xavier gives a little extra push down on Domenico's head as it bobs on his huge dick.

Switching places, Nicolai stands on the carved throne to drill his cock into Dom's mouth as Xavier gets a turn plowing into his wide-open hole. Domenico's balls swing like pendulums, his body rattled by the two fuck-crazed monks. He wants more cock in his hole, needs to feel it pumped full.

Domenico lies back on one arm of the throne as Nicolai holds his legs open. Xavier thrusts balls-deep into the insatiable hole, then Nicolai takes his turn again to pump up into Dom's grinding ass. Domenico is completely possessed with sexual fervor, and drops to his knees to suck down the seed of his two holy brothers. Xavier splatters his face then fucks his spurting member into his buddy's open mouth. "Thank you, Father" cries the young monk, then turns to get showered with Nicolai's thick juicy spray.