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Sounding Buddies

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Dominic and hot young muscleboy Benvi are clad in their sexiest harnesses and matching black leather jocks, kissing in an ornate red room. Dominic lifts his muscle-packed bicep and Benvi leans in to sniff and worship his musky pits. Things are taking a turn for the kinky. The veteran porn god groans as Benvi licks his hairy underarms. The young leatherman drops to his knees and runs his cockhungry tongue across the black leather bulge of Dominic's jock pouch. Pulling out Dominic's big hairy cock, he slurps and swallows the hefty fucktool. Strings of thick spit drip down Dominic's nuts and Benvi's chin. Dominic returns the favor and deep throats Benvi's stiff cock.

Time for the buddies to get deep into their dicks. Dominic pulls out a pair of long sounding rods. Benvi with a thin rod and Dominic with a massive thick one, they slide the gleaming shafts down the urethras of their sensitive cocks. Dicks filled to the root, they lean in for a juicy masculine kiss and start beating off. Turned on by the sight of each other getting off with the rods down their dicks, they sits next to each other and work up to the sticky edge. Mashing their faces together, Dominic and Benvi fuck their cocks once more with the long slick sounding rods.

Dominic Pacifico

Hair Color: Brown
Build: Muscular
Body Hair: Trimmed Natural

Sex god, stud, Renaissance man and superstar, smoldering Dominic Pacifico is the center of attention and undeniable star in any setting, especially in the website bearing his name. Built and packing a mighty 8" of powerful...