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Sean Maygers Bathhouse Solo

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Tatted athletic stud Sean wanders through a bathhouse maze and stops dead in his tracks when he spots a perfect cock and round juicy ass protruding through a pair of glory holes. He reaches over to beat the dick and his own in unison, then rubs his hand down the smooth musky crack of the ass next door.

He sucks the hard dick, kneeling to work his own as he gets a mouthful. Stepping back over, he teases the hungry butthole with his cock and feels it bearing down as he plunges in raw and ready. Reaching over to jack the glory hole prick as he fucks, he steadies himself with his other hand against the plywood wall. He fills his oral craving with the cock and then dives in to feed on the hot hungry asshole. Pumping it harder now, he spurts a load that runs like a molten river down the hairy crack, then pushes it back into the hole to spasm out a few more sprays. He leaves the asshole twitching and covered in thick cum as he walks away.