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Sands Of Time Ep. 2: The Scavenger

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Taylor Reign is out in the desert, scavenging for food and water for the village. That's when he's spotted taking a sip of water by Julian Grey, water that was meant to be shared. Greedy Taylor spots Julian's dick protruding from his loin cloth and reaches for the loins to find his meaty dick. Going down on it, he chokes, gags and slurps like a good little Scavenger. Julian is ready to return the favor, sucking his hard dick and eating his smooth white butt. Opening it wide he pounds the hole, first giving it to Taylor doggy before sitting him on his massive raw meat. He shoots his load in Taylor's hole and then licks the cum out of his ass. Not yet content, Taylor sticks his head in Julian's bubbly ass and motorboats it with his tongue before sticking his own dick inside. After pounding his ass he shoots a huge load all over his ass he licks up every drop of his own sacred liquid.