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Roll Hard: Squirt

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After his hot flip with daddy Dominic, horny Mateo still needs to get off. He'd head back to cruise the streets and see what the other skaters are up to, but the Zoots make that risky. So to play it safe he stays in the graffitied lair and works on his own dick.

Mateo's hand creeps up under his mesh crop top for his nipple. He licks his fingers then flicks across his nips and instinctively reaches for his thickening crotch. He exhibits his heavy uncut cock for an imagined audience and wags it enticingly. His fist grasps loosely and pulls his foreskin over the moist head. He needs that dick to be wanted and worshiped, but for now it's just him alone.

Mateo drops his cutoffs and beats harder, using both hands. He fucks into his fists like a tight willing asshole, thick butt muscles clenching and propelling his pelvis with each stroke. He twiddles both nips with one hand while he begs his imaginary fuck buddy to suck out his load. His thighs tremble as his nuts pull tight. With a few hard strokes the cum comes rocketing out. "Fuck yeah, it's dripping for you," he promises. Next time when the streets are safe again, he'll shoot that load into every mouth and ass that's out there waiting!