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Roll Hard: Fuck Me First

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Tough little macho Brodie Ramirez has been fooling around with Omar's boyfriend Vincent. By the rules "if you're gonna fuck my boyfriend you gotta fuck me first" so Omar demands his first dibs. Brodie ducks into an abandoned warehouse with the striking, handsome Latino Omar for a "no holds barred" hookup. Brodie twiddles his nips while Omar goes to work on his knees taking a throatful. Once he's gagged down Brodie's big dick, Omar stands for Brodie to return the favor. Dropping his denim hotpants, Brodie gets first look at the gorgeous, down-curved, uncut cock Omar's packing.

Omar rocks back and forth on his skates with the force of Brodie's sucking. Brodie turns him around and gets a taste of Omar's smooth tan ass, with Omar grabbing his head and grinding it into his crack with gusto. A finger or two follows and Omar's hole is throbbing and hungry for dick. Perched on a black leather stand with skates spread wide open, Omar welcomes Brodie's rough hard penetration.

The beautiful bearded stud groans and begs for Daddy Brodie to slam harder. His thighs and ass muscles glisten and ripple with every deep thrust. Brodie shows no mercy, going in deeper with every slam of his crotch against Omar's insatiable butt. He turns Omar onto his back and pins back his legs to drill in balls deep.

Omar wraps his skated feet around Brodie's hips to pull him in further, begging "Fuck me Daddy, ohh I love your cock! Use my ass!!" He can't hold back another second as cum starts flying out of his rock hard pole. Brodie slaps his throbbing cock around Omar's face as it squirts shot after shot of cum that drips down his cheeks and chin.