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Rise Like Pheonix

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Dark and handsome ebony stud Pheonix Fellington strips off a sweaty t-shirt and rubs an appreciative hand across his hard-worked muscles. Peeling down his cutoffs, his crotch bulges under black jersey undershorts. He nibbles at his full lower lip and caresses his tattooed chest.

Fingers trace out the deep ridges in Pheonix's six-pack abs. He flexes his outstretched arms then reaches in to twiddle his nips. One hand dives down to massage his swelling cock, then the other pulls down his briefs to set loose his massive woody. His nutsack bobs up as he strokes hard from balls to tip, then he spits into his palm to slick up the movement. He slaps his stiff prick into his hand.

It's time to get serious, and Pheonix reaches for a squirt of oil lube that he drizzles down his shaft. Now his hands glide back and forth on his cock as he starts to work his lubed finger across the pucker of his fuzzy hole. He pulls his cheek to the side to open his ass wider, then drills his middle finger into the hungry, throbbing hole.

With one hand pressed against his taint he starts up stroking again. He spits on his fingers and rubs the juicy saliva into his butt. Eyes closed, he pants to catch a breath. His thighs tighten and flex with each brush of a hand along the full length of his big thick prod. Now his abs clench and nuts start filling up and prepare to shoot. His hands move at a blinding speed, then a splash of sticky cream hits the stubbly brown skin above his navel. Licking the jizz off his fingers, he lets his cock flop down into a resting stance.