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Ramming Jacobi's Rump

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The torment of tied-down Jacobi continues with Dominic ramming a big black dildo up his twitching butthole, pissing on his tender cheeks, then giving his hole the raw royal reaming it's so hungry for. "That's it my fucking ass whore!" Dominic taunts as his load builds up, ready to explode. "You want my cum?!" Through the shiny tape holding his mouth open and gaping, Jacobi groans out "Yes sir, PLEASE! Ahh, give it to me!!" before Master Dominic unloads inside his willing butt slave.

Dominic Pacifico

Hair Color: Brown
Build: Muscular
Body Hair: Trimmed Natural

Sex god, stud, Renaissance man and superstar, smoldering Dominic Pacifico is the center of attention and undeniable star in any setting, especially in the website bearing his name. Built and packing a mighty 8" of powerful...