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Latin Fuck Brothers

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Brazilian studs come in such a wide range of colors, sizes and styles, but sometimes it's even hotter when they match like horny bookends. Yury Santana and Gustavo Muller are both tan, built fuckers with perfect chiseled muscles, defined bikini tan lines, and handsome faces to match. They even sport similar scruffy mustaches and chin beards. Gustavo's dark hair is longer and stands straight up from his forehead--aside from that they could be sexy brothers exploring each others' hot cocks and tight muscular booties.

Gustavo gets his mouth around Yury's upturned woody and won't let go. Yury fucks in while Gustavo gurgles and gags on the big hard meat. Then Yury grabs his buddy by the nuts and slurps down his thick bronze dick as he beats his own rod. Gustavo gets on all fours for Yury to burrow his tongue deep into his smooth hole, grinding and twerking his butt all the while. Yury yanks the hungry bottom by the shoulder and lets his hard raw cock slide in to the root. Gustavo strokes while his hole is pummeled and rammed. When Yury lies on the bed Gustavo takes his rod deep and lets the fuckstarved top plow in faster. As Yury pulls out just in time, the two fuck brothers shoot in unison, firing off spurts of creamy Latin jizz.