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Fuck Buddys

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Zekiel Stone is busy playing games on his cellphone, much to Bray Muse's annoyance. But not so busy that his cock is anything but growing in his shorts, just waiting to be unleashed. His lightly tan uncut pole is straight, thick and ready to fuck when Bray gives it a preliminary tongue bath.

Bray strips off his shorts and Zekiel takes interest enough to drive a finger or two into his hole. Now Bray gives Zeke some anal attention and rims his hairy crack while the lean sexy top jacks his dick. Bray climbs on and takes Zekiel up his hungry ass. Shifting position, Bray lies back with head dangling off the couch cushion as Zeke plows on in. They speed up and Bray's moans take on an urgency. He beats a creamy wad out of his hard dick, then Zeke straddles his face to shoot into his face and mouth, lets his buddy "suck it clean".