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Derek Gets Sweet Ass Plowed

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The kinky hookup between Dillon Diaz and Derek Kage takes a hot anal turn as Dillon burrows his tongue into Derek's cockhungry hole. "Mmm, that sweet ass..." Dillon groans between slurps. "Thank you sir," his slave responds meekly. Derek's muscular legs are up and spread as Dillon licks and laps. Once Derek's ass is twitching wet, rosy from Dillon's beard burn, Dillon stands to slide his stiff cock around the spit-slicked crack.

Then he drills in raw, holding Derek around the back of his neck. "Take that fucking dick!" Dillon barks, as Derek moans and responds "You own that hole sir! Fuck YEAH, I always want your cum!" "Please breed me, PLEASE breed me," he begs, and Dillon's perched on the edge of shooting his wad. He's not about to refuse. Dillon head rocks back with his mouth open and locked in a grin. He howls out a guttural orgasmic groan as his seed pumps in deep. He steps around to Derek's face and starts milking out more sperm. A second sticky splatter sprays out, drenching Derek's face and cumthirsty tongue.