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Blinded Passion

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Brother Nicolai (Nic Sahara)nibbles at brother monk Diego (Joseph Banks) to entice him into a forbidden liaison. Diego resists, explaining that he must remain faithful to his brother Domenico. Nicolai thoughtfully points out that if you're already fucking your brother, what's one more sin to add to the list? He ties a black silk blindfold around Diego so that he can feel the sensations of mortal sin without seeing it take place.

Nic seats Diego and swallows his hard cock. Diego reminds him that it's wrong, a sin, and he shouldn't stop for one moment. He rips off the blindfold to see pretty Nicolai sharing this mortal sin. They kiss hungrily and Diego goes down on Nicolai. Nicolai moans as Diego laps at his asshole then enters him from behind. He never felt such a deep hard penetration and Diego is a natural when it comes to buttfucking.

Nicolai lies back and wraps a leg around Diego's shoulder to open up completely, feel Diego slamming at his tight young hole. He begins beating his cock wildly as both young monks get close to boiling over. The feel of thick raw cock inside him drives Nicolai to the edge, but Diego blows first, splattering hot cum on Nicolai's ass, then pushing it still spurting back inside. Two hot monks bonded in their common lust.