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Black Box: Bound

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Cazden Hunter enters the black room to find Ian Greene gagged, blindfolded and bound to the leather bench. A thick string of saliva drips from his mouth as Cazden lifts his face to spit in it. He pulls off the mean metal gag to give Ian's mouth access to his big uncut piece. Ian sucks greedily like the horny slave he is.

Ian's shiny black rubber tights are pulled halfway down to reveal his round smooth asscheeks, and Cazden gives them a smack. He slides them down further to spank and redden the captive's helpless butt. Pulling out a leather crop, he begins lightly teasing Ian with sharp little whacks from back to buttocks. Tenderized and rosy, Ian's ass is too hot and sensitive to resist. Cazden buries his face in the warm juicy crack as Ian nods in plaintive agreement.

Ian's cock is long, thick and half-erect, responding to his harsh treatment. He reaches behind to pull his ass open wide as his hole throbs and twitches for more of his captor. Cazden slaps his dick around the crack and roughly enters the heated-up manhole. Dispensing with the usual niceties he plows in greedily with no regard for Ian.

Boots spread wide apart and hands on the bench, Ian is a helpless fuckpuppet moaning with need and hunger. Between hard pumps Cazden keeps smacking his ass to remind him who's boss. Abruptly he pulls out and reaches down for a huge angry dildo, slathers it with lube. Ian's hole puts up token resistance but yields to a good seven inches of the arm-sized toy. He beats his cock as Cazden pounds it further into his horny ass.

Black glove covered in gelatinous lube, Cazden introduces his fist into Ian's wide open ass. Ian grimaces and emits a groan of assent and ultimate surrender. Wrist deep, Cazden pulls out his fist to show Ian's wet juicy rosebud.

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mspporn on 17 Feb 19
I knew Ian is a good bottom boy, but never seen him take a fist. Love this!
mikethomas1013 on 08 Feb 19
Very hot!