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Beat Off with Brandon

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Brandon Wilde pouts his full sexy lips and settles back onto the bed. His already-stiff cock strains against the thin fabric of his briefs and he's not gonna be comfortable till he shimmies out of them, gets his hand on his dick.

Once he starts jacking his powerful hips go into overdrive and pump his pelvis up with each stroke. His nuts hang just a little loose and low, and bob up with each tug of his fist. Brandon's free hand reaches down to spread open his hole and bub the tip of his finger against the puckered ring. He licks the finger and enters his butt.

His cock and balls stand up straight and tall when he starts fingering deep. Brandon rolls over to fuck the sheet and pop his round muscular booty with a steady rhythm. He starts humping so hard and fast it's a wonder he doesn't wear the skin off his hard fuckpole. But it's making him so horny he has to turn onto his back to concentrate on fist to prick action.

Now he's getting close, and his whole ripped body gets into the act, rippling and flexing in time with his jerking. He rubs and caresses every inch of his tight body and stares intently at his cock. A spurt of hot cum sprays out and he tenses to shoot off like a semi-automatic. As he cools down Brandon scours his navel for a scoop of hot creamy sperm and slurps it down with a smile.