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Ass Slammin' Stud

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Scruffy bareback bottom Franco Scott is so eager to get his ass rammed that he's chewing on tough leatherman Aaron Trainer's nips to get his cock into gear. It does the trick--Aaron pushes him to his knees and slaps a big black hardon across his face. Franco buries his nose into Aaron's musky nuts then gargles down the top's big fucktool. "Fuck yeah, getitgetitgetit!" Aaron groans as he holds Franco's head down on his twitching cock.

Franco crouches on the bed, his fuzzy ass cheeks open wide. Aaron prods his tongue in deep, drills a finger or two into the horny hole. Grabbing the dick-starved bottom by the hips, Aaron pounds in hard. Franco's sextalk turns to low groans and growls as his ass gets plowed full of hard ebony meat. Aaron presses down from above and pumps his cock in faster. Stepping back, Aaron lubes his hands and reaches deep into the bottom's insatiable ass. Franco backs into the invading fist. "Big fuckin' hand, man!" he moans, rocking his butt back further onto Aaron's slick fist. He bounces up and down like Aaron's a thrill ride. Deeper punches open Franco's hole wider, then he pushes out his hot blooming rosebud, sprays out a stream of piss in satisfaction.